Link (on paternity leave). — I love hearing people’s radica...

during that, i worked in private healthcare while trying to reform a white church from the inside which radicalized my ideas of how reform works. i burned out, encountered disability justice for the first time, realized i am disabled, and kept moving further and further left

salem 🕊️

Grew up in western VA in a town (village?) of 50 folks really didn’t help much with my initial world view. Moving away/the Internet/System of a Down helped introduce me to tons of different folks which helped shape my world view and made me realize how crappy things are for many groups of people.

Link (on paternity leave).

and re: cops… i’m autistic so i seem “off” and got followed, harassed, treated like a suspect, etc, as a kid so i never thought cops were fair or good, and once i heard stories of profiling and abuse, i simply believed. can’t think of a specific beginning

Amy Hoy

[round 2]
- every Sunday growing up in the South, with the preacher's threads of hate that didn't match the unconditional love they implied
- Assigned to read "Lies My Teacher Told Me" by amazing Black History professor
- seeing people act out of fear and hate after live watching 9/11 in class


[round 3]
- worked full time since I was 17. Felt it in my bones as my non-privileged, talented, relentlessly hardworking colleagues constantly got passed up for promotions because they didn't pattern match the cishetwhitedude model for success.

I can keep going. Let it change you, motivate.


I don't even remember a single event. I was maybe 15 and People Magazine had a cover about AIDS and just the sheer number of people who'd died and I was starting to realize that Reagan was a shit. And then there was a boycott against South Africa because of apartheid, and I went to my first protest.

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Even as a kid the Book of Mormon seemed kinda.. off:

“that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them… they shall be
loathesome unto thy people, save they shall repent..”

2 Nephi 5

The Nephites separate themselves from the Lamanites, keep the law of Moses, and build a temple—Because of their unbelief, the Lamanites are cut off from the presence of the Lord, are cursed, and bec...

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Seeing the disdain of right wing politicians for the entire movement, which was supported by most of the population, as well as frequent cases of police brutality, radicalized me. It was saddening to see the government not backing down in front of mass protests that lasted 7 months.


Luckily, elections came and the government got voted out. However, 11 years later tuition fees here have still increased by a lot, reaching nearly 2800$/year now (even though that's still a lot less than the initial bill that would have increased it to 3800$)


Yeah, man... I used to go to this bagpipe camp every year in Virginia.

There was a group of police pipers that frequented it as well. Their stories were abhorrent and their behavior even more so, yet somehow they were the "cool kids" at camp. But then that's rural VA for you...

Andrew Thaler

I like to think that the millions of watts those stations used to break through Soviet jamming made a difference. The western stations were also propaganda outlets, but I also remember the cultural content and music. R. Moscow also carried cultural content. I learned how to filter bullshit early.

Comfortably Numb

My kids have always joined me at protests and on pickets.
We did the low tech trick of whistles when they were kids so I could find them if there was an issue.
Now my youngest, 18, makes me wear the whistle so he can save me 🤣. I’m the one who has the confrontations!


I was this sort of weird anti-corporation anti-monopoly get money out of politics guy without any real tools for analysis for a while. Bernie got me to really dive into what the concept of socialism actually meant, and as it became clear I wildly misunderstood the concept I started reading theory.


The government handling of the pandemic was what really blasted me off though. Waking up for the night shift hearing the claps of people safely at home as I walked to what felt like a warzone and watching the government do everything in its power to protect capital over workers lives.


3 yrs ago I got fired from a job I was very qualified for because a hyper-ableist doctor (a contractor for a fed agency) didn’t think I could do it safely.

I said “fuck THAT,” have been fighting back since. The whole program’s under federal investigation now & their names are in the 💩, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How NSF uses 'absurd' health reasons to block scientists from polar missions

Seven climate researchers told E&E News that they were disqualified for polar deployment over minor medical issues, such as changes in medication or having

Link (on paternity leave).

And, the fact that people believe in "democracy" everywhere but their job is something I will never understand.

And don't tell me that the owner is taking all the risk, so they get to enjoy the rewards more.

There's always risk for the employee: Risk that the employer isn't a piece of shit.

The only person with me at that moment other than the guide was a young junior minister from Ghana who acted like he didn't see a thing. Nobody believed me when I got back to the hotel. This was in November of 2006, which was a particularly heated moment in Palestine, and sympathy was... low.

Graceful Six Humoured

this doesn't surprise me as someone currently in the visa process to leave the UK, and realising how much it cost me to get perm residency in Australia in the past.

immigration is so expensive internationally and people don't realise until they try or need to.

not saying its excused though.


I don't know about Australia, but compared to the rest of Europe, the UK is absurd.

I went to the UK as a student ~10 y ago, then got a job whose visa I paid for because fee/requirements were relatively ok. After my 2nd job/visa it became stupid (and increasingly xenophobic) so I left


Which is ironic bc the UK spends £££ in soft power and then crushes its own purpose by treating people like shit 💁 My views on a lot of stuff re: UK changed after this, I suppose it was good lesson tho

Theresa May started it with her hostile environment ~2015. Sunak and his gang just built on that


I mean *everything*-my 4th grade teacher called me a liar in front of (and tried to make me apologize to) the whole class because “there’s no way that you read over one thousand pages in 4 days.”

When I refused, I got in more trouble, and she called my parents.

My parents knew I wasn’t lying.

Megaholt 𓅃

In middle school…Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. The actual physical scars are still visible, ≈25 years later.

I had it bad, but the disabled kids? They had it so, so much worse.

The small handful of obvious minority students? Well, the best upper cut I’ve ever seen was thrown by a 4’8” girl…

Megaholt 𓅃

…who had been adopted (along w/her older sister and younger brother-who was dying at that time) from S. Korea.

A fucking mayonegg dressed in Abercrombie looking assgoblin called her a racist slur and shoved her into a wall.

She lifted his ass off the ground, despite being a foot shorter than him.

Megaholt 𓅃

Those motherfuckers made $2B in profit every year and their majority PT workforce couldn't afford to eat, meanwhile they had the absolute audacity to insist that cashiers harass customers to "donate" money "for hungry kids" at the till. Lots of those cashiers were hungry kids.