toshiro mori — Recently, the water quality is...

Featuring strains of green beard algae, hair or thread algae, and the dreaded blue green algae (cyanobacteria). So what I did was - leaving all the fish in the tank, took all the plants out and dunked them in 20:1 of water to bleach for 2 mins, then rinsed and replanted them.

Now, the much diminished plants :( And the algae is rapidly coming back despite manual removal and frequent water changes. I think caused by too much compost substrate (under the 5cm of sand), and maybe lack of carbon dioxide.

BTW, exotic aquarium fresh water shrimps are illegal in NZ. I didn't realise until I went to buy some at a fish shop. Apparently they could proliferate in NZ streams, so they are banned.

It's cleaner with less algae! And the tank is big and the fish look comfortable.

The exotic species outflow triggered by aquariums has become a problem in Japan. They easily adapt and destroy native species, so I am careful when discarding aquarium water and trimmed aquatic plants.

Good point.

The plants didn't survive. Algae came back. I bleached them for 2 mins to clean the cyanobactera off and left them outside in a container. Then a family of ducks (that we'd been feeding rice to daily) ate all the aquarium plants out of the container!

toshiro mori

Fish doing fine. Java moss has flurished! No cyanobacteria for weeks thank goodness. Water paramaters stable now I've limited LED to less than 5 hours a day. I'll post a photo someday soon.

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