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I really try not to wallow.
I wallowed in it, marinated in it, drowned it it most of my life. I got out of the pool with her. She needs to get another life guard and floaties or get out. I don’t really give a fuck. 🤷🏻‍♀️


there are an average of 600-800 reported assaults on staff. In the brief time I was there they didn't separate the genders on ward, and I witnessed some astonishing violence. They lost federal accreditation shortly after. A man who was released before me raped and killed my friend's neighbours.

Washington pays $2 million to workers assaulted at psychiatric hospital

A lawsuit claimed supervisors and the Department of Social and Health Services knew the patient repeatedly attacked women but failed to provide a safe environment.

Victoria De Capua

WSH and the homeless substance abuse community in Seattle is a loop. And at this point even WSH as it is stands as an in-demand resource, even though they mix the criminally violent in with college girls having a first bad crisis.

Patient at Western State Hospital held in roommate's death

The man who died had lived at Western State Hospital since 1989, His roommate, at Western State since 2014, is jailed on investigation of second-degree murder.

Victoria De Capua

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