🌻Margarance🌻 — Hi all I overslept X @lom.bs...

I drove to à friend’s house yesterday. Even knowing how bad the storm last week was, I was really surprised by the number of trees down and cables damaged. Lots of clearing up to do. Then called in to pick up injections which were delayed by storm & power issues.

Morning all-Internet down all night whilst a new fibre trunk cable laid to connect two more outlying hamlets to the network.. bloody EU helping to finance access to high speed internet… 😆 Still dark but workers up the hill already laying upgraded water pipes.. all go here! Have a good day all!! 👍


Good morning all. Yes, damn the EU. Our broadband is equally fast both ways - good for WFH because connecting to company networks (we used Citrix back in the day) is easier. Our satellite link only got 10% of download speed on the upload link. I almost miss the days when that mattered.

Yes 4G is a little patchy here too, but our enterprising Lady Mayor promises 5G coming shortly…the local community mms provider that piggybacks on Orange must go “ Oh F! What now? “😆😆 V windy again at moment, rain sweeping in too.. must get up& make tea, but it’s so warm under duvet 😆😆 Lazy I know


She is very good I think,loads of good things since we came.. Just been voted back in for another 5 years…. Of course there are always the moaners ( she has asked people on the estate to park on one side of road only to ensure emergency vehicles can get through..oh the fascist horror 😆😆)


Good afternoon all on this Armistice day… Been out,& just got back….To those of us who have had family members close or far removed KIA in either of WW’s or in more recent conflicts.. a day for quiet reflection& respect for the bravery&fortitude they displayed in fighting for our freedom.RIP all.


Good morning all. We popped over to the Pegasus Bridge Museum yesterday afternoon. We chatted with friends there and took a turn in the grounds with the dog. She flatly refuses to walk onto the original bridge. Not because of anything ‘supernatural’, but because the road surface is a metal grid.

True! OH walking the dog one day, saw three men with a digger working in a field belonging to the church. They were half a mile from where they should have been, digging foundations for a house!

Panic ensued.

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