Dawn — I’ve had more than one person...

I’ve had more than one person say they know someone who’d be great for one of my jobs and I say which one and they say either but they’re very different jobs? are there a lot of jobs where any person of quality could walk right in and be successful regardless of skills, training, and/or temperament?

don’t mean in a snotty way. I worked the drive-through at Wendy’s and there are people who are more or less suited to that versus the job I had as a blockbuster cashier versus the job I had waiting tables at a coffee shop. I know I felt differently about all of them, even though I was “capable”

tara 🪻

I have for one of these jobs gotten through interviews with two people who I had no doubt could do the job, but I could tell off vibes in the interview that they would hate it and quit in six months and so I had them shadow the job for half a day before making an offer and they both withdrew

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