Prilaja — Been feeling a bit down today;...

Been feeling a bit down today; someone said something about my OC art stuff that made me feel uncomfortable.
It kinda made me think that maybe I shouldn't do OC stuffs and I don't know how to get rid of that notion. Gonna try and get some rest and hope things feel better.

if anyone has something bad to say about what you make, are they really your intended audience? i'd say that the only thing that matters is your own enjoyment of things. if you like making something, keep doing it and those who enjoy with you are much valuable than naysayers being naysayers


That's why some artists only post on the places with comments disabled. But then you'd also get rid of all positive feedback so that's only for the artists who draw 100% for themselves.

But yeah it's part of making art on the interwebs, and it's probably gonna happen more the more followers you get


Them labeling it as inappropriate felt weird to me, like it's just some little kid getting his hair washed by one who is basically his guardian. Thankfully they and so many others have been supportive and kind to me, but yeah it felt weird.


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