Faine Greenwood — someone on Reddit was actually...

To be fair, she was apologetic; fully intended to give me the teeth until she extracted them. Said they were bad enough to be a sanitary issue and wasn't going to tell me this until I complained, because it might come across as an insult.

At least I got an anecdote out of it.

Lissa Harris

I think the endo people should HAVE to give you a video

they don’t even know what they’re gonna do in there! they’re like fuckin clueless explorers in the jungle. “by Jove, I say, there appears to be a huge mass of rogue endometrium over by the pouch of Douglas that isn’t on the maps!” “crikey”

Liz Benbrooks

this is inspiring me. if i ever get well enough to have my endo surgery and then the hysterectomy (DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN BE TOO MESSED UP FROM ENDO FOR A REGULAR OLD HYSTERECTOMY?!? I DIDN'T, GOD DAMN IT) i'm asking for photos to make a "so long, fucker" scrapbook (and dartboard). with stickers

Alison Robin

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