pecans are the superior nut in any case.

top 3 nuts

1. peanuts
2. pistachios
3. pecans

Hazelnuts are as well. The American varieties have not been bred for size like the European/commercial variety, but Corylus Americana and Corylus Cornuta would have been up their with American Chestnuts for availability to early colonists.

"So enjoying a few Brazil nuts each day is safe – just avoid eating excessive amounts all at once! Did you know? The daily selenium target (RDI) can be achieved with just two Brazil nuts. And around seven Brazil nuts provides the upper limit for selenium (400µg/day). 2/2

Actually, none of these are nuts, you know. Peanuts are legumes. Pistachios are simply seeds with an enclosure, and pecans are drupes. On the other hand, acorns, chestnuts, and hazelnuts are actually nuts. I think the most popular "nuts" are all drupes (pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews).

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anyone who'd love to buy this year's pecan crop direct from the orchard, I'd love to suggest . I've been a happy customer since discovering him a few years ago on that other place we all used to hang out at. Fresher and tastier than grocery store pecans.

Pecans Healthy Snacks | Limestone Creek Pecans

Limestone Creek Pecans grows heart healthy, natural pecans. Our farm lies in Crisp County, Georgia along the banks of Limestone Creek as it empties into Lake Blackshear. We sell fresh-crop, shelled El...

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