And they SHOULD NOT be grown here! We do not have the climate for them!

I like almonds fine, but there are much better milk substitutes than almond milk, and pecans taste better, anyway! Why are we destroying our state for, at best, a MID nut?!

I like almonds. A lot, really. There was a time in my life when I literally lived on almonds. 3 almonds every 3 hours while I was awake as my only meals. And maybe an apple. For the better part of a year. But I'd never have been able to AFFORD pecans. And I live in Georgia.


Oh, it's not so bad if you've got those handy basket-pickers on a pole. My parents and I would pick hundreds at a time in our front yard when I was little. Then we'd go sell the excess to the pecan company nearby.

And eat a lot ourselves.

Ian Rennie

My grandfather had a pecan tree in his back yard. He'd collect them all in GIANT bags and when we came over, we'd all sit in front of the television while he watched... whatever it was he watched (news, probably) and crack pecans to add to bags that he'd store in the freezer. Days and days of fun...

Ian Rennie

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