I have seen multiple people claim that almonds don't taste good, and look, if we can't have almonds anymore because it's destroying the world, then I won't have almonds I guess. But I simply will not have the greatest nut slandered. A toasted almond is sublime. Almond extract elevates most desserts

I discovered my pecan allergy when I was fed a big bite of pecan pie as a kid & my mouth suddenly felt like someone had poured bleach into it. Walnuts make my tongue fuzzy in a very uncomfortable "yeahh, maybe don't do this" way. Fun times!


I would live solely on marzipan if I could.

The Trader Joe's near us get in marzipan-filled Danish kringles and it's my very favorite thing about this time of year. None of the rest of my family likes it as much so it's just me slowly polishing off an entire kringle over two weeks.


I can’t deal with tomato chunks. I have tried for years but at 47 I think it’s a lost cause. Ketchup is still out but spicy tomato sauces are fine by me. My weirdness is that the standard American condiments are also a no-go; mayo, mustard, and the aforementioned ketchup.

Mara Wilson

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