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Voting for Trump, voting for a third-party will not save any Palestinian life in any way, the little Biden has done in 100% more than what Trump would have done / will do if he were in power. So they'd be trading their security for nothing.

Would that be good for anyone?

Other than Trump.

Scabigail 🇵🇸

Biden won't deport people or end democracy, that's the important thing, do yo understand how that will not only not help Gaza but make everything worse?

Also what Biden can actually practically do is limited, just as it with China, Saudi Arabia and other nations that abuse human rights.

Horace V. Wigglesworth

You got a link earlier in the thread, deportations are ramping up aggressively under Biden's increasingly right-wing and authoritarian rule, not to mention the Democrats failure to introduce universal healthcare that's free at the point of use, amongst many others

I happen to think that the value of a human being doesn't rest on their citizenship, deporting a non-citizen or asylum seeker is not less of a crime because non-citizens are not less human.

And I wouldn't put deporting citizens past Biden anyway, he's perfectly capable of doing that.

I can dislike him for both - but ultimately I don't agree with his brand of politics. I'm not a liberal, I detest liberalism, I'm a socialist and a Marxist so voting for someone who's diametrically opposed to my own politics would be idiotic and counter-productive

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