Kevin Hearne — Yeah, so: Amazon has decided I...

Yeah, so: Amazon has decided I’m not a Real Boy. It’s absolutely stunning and I’m trying to convince them I exist and write things. Canines & Cocktails should release everywhere else tomorrow. It will be on Amazon if/when they ever agree that I own the stuff I write.

I just got the same message, it's super disappointing for me, sorry you have to go through this stupidity. I'll keep my self occupied continuing to read A Curse of Krakens until Amazon gets itself under control. (P.S. it's a superb book) I may need to upgrade to a Kobo if it takes too long though

Kevin Hearne

It's daft because I bought all your short story e-books and novellas relating to the Iron Druid Chronicles after I got my kindle. (Not too pleased with Amazon myself because I have to buy a Bluetooth device to listen to audio books and you can't listen to the free ones that come with audible on it.)

Kevin Hearne

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