Bebo — Society has this weird thing w...

Society has this weird thing where any time a woman has expectations of men such as being mentally & emotionally stable and also clean, they call her a gold digger and it never fails to make me laugh. Women having expectations of the people in their lives is not something they should be shamed for.

Especially when you consider how much is expected of femme presenting people. Take care of the kids. Take care of the cleaning. Work full time. Do all of the mental and emotional labor of setting doctors appointments, dentists, extracurriculars, hobbies etc. I have very little time for me.


I play some video games here and there but I'm usually enjoying games with automation of some sort so I can fold laundry or do dishes while I'm "gaming". Meanwhile my dude friends are twice my level and haven't even felt a little stressed about the game or having enough time to play it.


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