Sunny Moraine — I just love how Subnautica is...

I just love how Subnautica is like chill pretty satisfying collecting stuff building bases making pals with fishies and then suddenly DEMON ROAR FROM THE ABYSS and I am, not hyperbole, screaming like a terrified child as I swim frantically for any meager safety I can find

YUP. and the way you get the first vehicle and they just WHIP you right around. Subnautica is the best and worst game to go in 100% blind. like, the ending is something I'd 100% give up my memory of to experience again. but the first reaper is not fun

Sunny Moraine

There's something about the way darkness works underwater in that game that's so different from just, like, standard distance blur or night scenes in a lot of first person video games, such that the shapes looming out... hoooo boy.

Now I want to go watch /another/ playthrough of both games.

Sunny Moraine

"On Jupiter, there is an ancient storm bigger than Earth that's been blowing since before we were born.
There's no way to imagine it. It is a storm that could consume everyone you knew, everywhere they had been, the site of every thought and feeling humans have ever had."
- We Know The Devil

Sunny Moraine

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