Phoenix — Mind the language 🤣😅🤣

Absolutely, like all our conservative premiers in Canada & the leader of the opposition, Pierre Petulant, Putrid, Pontificating Squawking Pelican never put forth a bill but is sure to strike down an important housing bill or monies for vunerable or for indigenous Poilievre
Runs away when cornered😜


Stephan harper did already, a Venezuelian princess of the Venezuelan mob,a Venezuelan conservative pty princess.Look it up its hilarious,she 1st worked for harper. me thinks She is a beard.Poillievre and John Baird would cruise gay bars in Ottawa, and there has been reports of an assault in Isreal.

Yup, yup, yup.
he was in fact charged,irregularities in how he became the leader of the CONServative (Criminals) party they paid a source to muddy the waters, and attack Patrick brown, like they did when Boss Hogg went for Ontario CONServ leadership. it's a bloody joke. Elite don't care,tax✂️&💰honey

collin grasley

Meh,Harperism, never was a working economist,like poilievre a career politician,picked at the gov. tit.They are all working together, remember prayer breakfasts the monthly ones that is the who's who of the IDU. thank Thatcher, Bush Sr, Reagan kohl Mulroney for the IDU, Bush both, helped evangicals.

Read that I will find the scholar paper on him, goes into vast details of the who's who of the industrialists who funded him& inturn worshipped him. helped me remember this economist,he is a big shot, Professor Emeritus &a good 🦋friend💜

Meet the Hidden Architect Behind America's Racist Economics

Nobel laureate James Buchanan is the intellectual linchpin of the Koch-funded attack on democratic institutions, argues Duke historian Nancy MacLean

Yup, that economist and ayn Rand, and many other evil twatwaffles are worshipped by the elite. oh the fmr PMs are in the collective hive of the IDU, Boris Johnson and Trussy, the lettuce outlasted her, & many more the PM of 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 I bet is a member of the IDU.

Whorific twatwaffle. You would think the tragedy of early life she went through she would be & kind, thoughtful, but she ingested her vile hate & spewed her dogma everywhere, for conserv.& Repubs. to lap up with glee. The "ME" society, it's all about my needs, my wants, stomp people to get ahead.

Yup,Leonard Leo, ➕️KOCH brother ind. every billionaire oligarch,corporate demagogues,fmr CONServ PMs are members of the IDU,they want christofascism,they want ultimate control,destroy other religions but evangical,we must submit,feudal era here we come. schMUCK,Boozoo Bezos killing workers rights

Read up on the IDU, it's disgusting, infiltrated every level of gov,the lowly school brd trustee, Moms for America,that's them, evangicals, IDU funded. They funded freedom convoy with the Russians. They fund MAGA,QANON.
Divide & Conquer. Pit the poor against the poor. "No community" all "ME" SOCIETY

They're likely involved in our RW "think tanks" like the Fraser Institute, Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, & Macdonald-Laurier Institute.
During the 2022 Convoy Crap, more USians donated than Canadians, although Canadians gave more.

That's another nightmare, poillievre insisting, only do these yrs.😅it's Russia its China,&we had 2x scientists in a lab.selling secrets to China just the other say. Harper sold us to China for 33 years, sold our wheat board to Saudia Arabia. If anyone is wondering why wheat/bread is expensive.

Mike Vlasic

We have to be succinct with our message clear with facts and do it on repeat.
Break through the misinformation and disinformation.
Clear to the points with facts.
It will cut through the shocktactic ghoulish IDU conservative driven propaganda, talking heads, in print, social media & TV.

FuzzyWuzzy in Toronto

Same. My husband is a civil servant with 7 years left to early retirement, 10 for full. PP will gut the civil service. And my husband is in climate science. If he loses his job we won't make it. Sell the house and institutionalize the kid because we won't be able to care for him without benefits.

FuzzyWuzzy in Toronto

That, I could deal with. I wouldn't like it, I'd swear a fucking blue streak. But we could manage. As long as he can hold onto that job, because NO ONE is hiring a 50 yr old programmer with his specialization. Well, maybe whoever the government contracts to, at a quarter of the pay.

Mike Vlasic

Harper tried that on with retirement age, but the Libs under Chrétien were the ones who really cut back on the civil service. Neither can be trusted.

I was 8 years at StatsCan then went into IT contracting, and stuck with it I retired. It's more $ and less office politics.

Luna 🌙

the evil penquin, Roger stone,&even Steve Bannon.Roger Stone helped Boss Hog, Doug the thug, corruption kingpin, hells angels& Satan's choice bitch, corporate donor princess,Russian &actual Italian mafia don, developers empress Ford.He sold hashish in Toronto,&his daddy an mpp in Mike Harris gov.

Mike Vlasic

Oh read up on IDU, this shit has been going on since early 80s but was brewing since the 1930s, when the oligarchs had to start paying taxes, KELLOGG, FORD, DUPONT even KOCH family funded an economist that loved slavery, his dogma was then loved by many CONServ around the world.btw FORD 🚘 💖 Hitler

Yup! I 💖 that article, I should reskeet that every couple of days, I know people who went to school with the thug,his daddy got him off,he is in tight with all the OPP, Toronto Police, and any other police departments, he is installed a developer friend in the OPP board. installing dev. everywhere.

Mike Vlasic

He got everyone to take the fall for him, he is the ultimate kingpin, he craves to become PM, but too basic to learn French. 😜🤣😅🤣 thank the gods, the goddess, the spirits, demons, demoness' gals & them other fellas. 🤣😅🤣 I will fight to not have Putrid poillievre get in.Jagmeet Singh needs to get in.

Mike Vlasic

I knew that was coming my MPP Doug lapdog DOWNEY,was busy destroying legal aide,& the judicial system,in the last 6 years, next will be MEGA private jails. If you do not have adequate legal aid, you just house the people in jails, most give up and plead guilty.When you go in you can never get out.

Mike Vlasic

His daddy started a sticker company that also has a US shop, but most of his buddies are land developers.

His big thing is the privatisation of everything. Healthcare is dying quickly.

He once professed his love for Trump, and has a place in Florida. He has problems reading off a teleprompter.

Oh the US arm is sold, that monies went to an investment firm with our WSIB money to pump up the deal on THERME ontario place diabolical.& also the developer on the brd of dir. is on the lcbo board along with galen westons cousin. 🤣🤣 she is also on the brd of dir. of suck kids, the CEO is a CONS.

Mike Vlasic

Indeed. I loved P.ET. Justin's father, he stated, that the government has no business in the bedroom. A just Society. Though he did not do enough for Indigrnous his son is doing his part. Jagmeet Singh is holding Justin's feet in the fire, till he agrees. we have dental & Pharma care coming.

He is Galen Weston's
bitch, the 1st meetings as a premier, Galen was the first one. Thug ford, has Galen's cousin on the board of LCBO, on other gov.boards. installing corporate demagues,& developer buddies in all gov boards. Telus health got in on grade 7/8 mental health.No money for education too.

Mike Vlasic

Catholics did that in the Middle Ages, with scary paintings,&stained glass windows.then the reformation, Protestants with Martin Luther, and the printing press came on board. The population got educated. but now the information is being controlled by the elites, ologarches, & corporate demagogues.

I do, too. Pierre Putrid, Repugnant Petulant Poilievre, wants to kill CBC in its entirety.
The CEO rubs shoulders with Mar a lardo and Galen weston and Edward Rogers jr. in Florida &lives in NY.IDU Chairman fmr pm🇨🇦 Stephan evil ghoul soulless feck Harper stacked the executive board of CBC with CONS

Here, successive RW governments have stacked the board of our equivalent of the BBC (unsurprisingly the ABC) with RWNJs and appointed equally rabid individuals to the MD role. Recent change of government will hopefully mitigate against this.


The Spanish inquisition was deplorable effected Portugal & so many countries at that time.Lots of Portuguese have names like pear or lime, Perriera and Lima.They had to change their names their lives, too, or die, but still kept their rituals in secret,many fled to the Azores, where I am from.

Indeed, I am only a 1st gen. my mom's town is 1000 years old, Napoleon had to pay the Earl a toll to pass. 😜 I must have french from the Alace. Sao Miguel, Azores, had a shipwreck from Brittany(France) mostly blonde, they stayed&never left in the 1700s.That quite a few Azoreans are blonde,blue eyed.

My son is married to a descendant of Huguenots who fled to England. I found out when I asked her mum the origin of their French name despite the fact that their family came from the UK. They were weavers who were valued for their skills which were rare in England at the time.


That's amazing, I💜history. My grandmother's name means watchman of the tower, scouts, or knights of the castle,tall built men, blonde. Actually, I produced soon to be a wall&6 feet tall, blonde kid.Stature of a linebacker. Maybe that's why I have been always wily & commanding, it's in my blood. 😜😅🤣😅


tRUMP Lite, he is the acolyte of Fmr PM Stephan Harper who is the chairman of the IDU,he is an evil robot extraordinaire,always has been, a soulless ghoul evangical wretch,he is pontificating all over the🌐, installing fascists. he is aiding Drumpf now,has been since 2015.exec brd of military Corp

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