cle_a — i’m crying in “i have to updat...

i’m crying in “i have to update my toyhouse & artfight but i have too many ocs and lore and i don’t know where to start or if i’d have the energy to update them all” 😩

something i always find really really difficult when i start to post on a new social is keeping up with lore & ocs.

i love creating ocs, i’m also aware i create them on a whim and tend not to speak a lot about them anywhere.
tbh i have a little bit of anxiety due to a friend constantly trying to shape my ocs to their liking (and having them more like a collaborative project than my babies)


i’m also very much sure to be annoying anytime i try to talk about my ocs and this won’t help in general 🤣
i’m a bit sad since it seems i’m creating more and more ocs not to feel anxious talking or drawing just a set of them [and this it’s so annoying to me, honestly!]


all this for a bunch of ocs? let me tell you about my main ocs!
we have:
-AniMalia ( 10 main ocs + 5 secondary ones)
-AniMalia: VampireAges (5 main)
-DnD (ongoing campaign: 2 main + 8ish secondary?; random: 8)
-DnDreams (8 main)

and how many of them are updated? idk, 2/3 already up? idk


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