Kevin Elliott —

If you aren’t aware of its existence then you aren’t going to use it.

Speaking from experience not all EEs were, or are, software savvy. It’s not needed in many fields. I work with SEs and haven’t got a clue wtf they are talking about.

Not all EEs are nerds, ya know.

Thomas Dickerson

Its a pretentious flex.

Also it yields a sea of PhDs who can annoyingly, and tragically accurately, profess to have no idea how to use common tools like MS Word.

Oh, and who mystifyingly think taking days to hand-code PDFs is a mark of accomplishment.

I may have some resentments.


You know how to put a number, or some punctuation, next to a display-set (i.e. fractions not illegibly tiny) equation in Word? You have to put it in a damn table.

Now try referring to figure 3. Not Figure 3, figure 3.

You can number manually but computers should be doing that for us by now.


Yeah, I never use it for anything complicated, mostly personal projects that required more control than word bc the ex-designer in me needs that control!

But at less than $100 flat fee no subscriptions, if I was still in the professional game I would definitely test it out on that level.

John Sisino

I make customized, step by step instruction manuals for our software, and found it's significantly easier to type the instructions in Word, and then paste them into text boxes in PowerPoint so I can maneuver them around the screenshots.

Its so much easier than fighting Word.

John Sisino

The main problem with word is it’s feature set is the feature set for a different user base than it has. All of these options are things that maybe .01% of its users use. Most of its users aren’t doing desktop publishing, they are just typing a sign that says “PLEASE TAKE FOOD IN BREAKROOM HOME”


I miss WordPerfect, which had a pane that showed you all the markup surrounding your text. Sometimes the issue was really abstruse, like you'd somehow told it to go "begin italics" "begin bold" [words] "end italics" "end bold" so the markup was crossed instead of nested. Can't see that in Word.


Or more succinctly 75% of all feature requests were for things that already existed and nobody knew how to find.

Also just to piss everyone off...telemetry shows paste with source formatting is the mode most people go out of their way to select when using menus.


On the one hand I sort of feel sorry for UI folks, on the other hand if the tool truck person went into an auto tech’s tool box and started re-arranging all the techs tools so they had to waste ttime figuring out where tools went, and did it every 18-24 months there’d be credible threats of violence


I use a lot of its features, including complex cross-references, footnotes, tables of contents based on different header styles (so I can do lists of mutations or items in-place), differing page numbers for sections, inline style change, etc.

But I'm probably not representative.


Longtime Word user, 1st on Windows in 80s, on Mac >20 years. Never a power user, just typing things that require only most basic formatting. Those bars up top have multiplied to point that I have zero idea what many do.

Maybe there should be an option for those w simplest needs among us.


Colin Day

When my law firm switched to Windows and Word the IT group disabled styles - something about not being able to share docs with embedded styles. Thus it became a plain text pkg that had to be reformatted every time you opened it. Worse than Wang word processors. Way worse than WordPerfect.


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