Sassy — Along with the coordinated mov...

Along with the coordinated movement with IDF and travel from WCK's Deir al-Balah humanitarian aid warehouse below is an important part of Bellingcat's analysis

The WCK markings would have been clearly visible to powerful precision targeting optics

But let's see what lies Israel puts out next

The first reports from Israel blamed a Hamas roadside IED.

Now we know that not only was the WCK convoy hit, but that it was in fact hit more than once, in time-separated strikes as the survivors sought to escape.

This appears to be a deliberate attempt to prevent aid reaching those who need it.


Meh, forgot the link. The dual US/CAN worker was only 33 yrs old. Likely many of the others were still fairly young as well.

Canada condemns Israeli strike on aid workers in Gaza, demands investigation

Canada joined multiple allies including the United States, Poland and Australia in demanding a full investigation Tuesday after an Israeli airstrike killed seven aid workers trying to deliver desperat...


Regardless of platform it's just about impossible to imagine that they didn't know that the vehicles they targeted were WCK

The powerful surveillance optics they have access to would definitely be in use

They knew


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