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Notice the RW Christians (who sometimes actually feel persecuted here in the US, eyeroll) are never told to just sit it out. They vote & are peer pressured to do so. Was volunteering for a campaign once and there was a lady (Mormon) checking to see who hadn't voted yet so she could call them.

I'm a different bird

Agree, my CA District wasn't that small, I had a list of likely voters where I was going polling station to polling station to confirm they voted & to let the campaign know. She didn't realize I wasn't supporting the same side as her, she was rallying the "Yes on 8" (anti-gay marriage) crowd.

Ed Crotty

The joke, of course, was that you could make a solid game theory argument that your vote won't shift the result, and therefore it's a waste of time, but it only holds true if everyone else is already voting.


Boycotting a product works because there’s an incentive for businesses to chase every possible dollar.

Boycotting a political process dies not work because there’s no incentive for a politician, as the number of votes doesn’t matter — their percentage of the votes actually cast does.

Kevin M. Kruse

Yeah it’s just a complete waste of time on behalf of the protesters. It’s taking time out of your day to make sure your voice is not heard. No one will know they cast a blank ballot outside of their local board of elections employees.

Nicholas Bauer PhD

I understand voting Uncommitted. That’s a recorded vote that will have a total. A blank ballot records no vote. Theirs no blank ballot tally that will get published. It will need to be formally requested from individual boards of election after auditing.

Nicholas Bauer PhD

I understand voting Uncommitted. That’s a recorded vote that will have a total. A blank ballot records no vote. There’s no blank ballot tally that will get published. It will need to be formally requested from individual boards of election after auditing.

Nicholas Bauer PhD

Yeah I would disagree that it’s pointless in this scenario. It’s a way of putting public opinion into the public record. It’s also a bit of a backhanded threat: “Look we might just be dumb enough to fuck up the vote in November, too, and it’s pretty hard for you to tell if we’re serious or…

Nicholas Bauer PhD

Meh, I think it lands in between. We’ve got exit polls, we’ll have a sense of the gap between Biden votes and total ballots. The point is, people are watching for evidence of it, whether it’s the right wing to poke holes or the left trying to make a big splash. Not a huge story but still a story.


Blank voting is an effective way to send a signal, esp in an uncontested election. = “I care enough to vote but want to register my displeasure.” There is zero chance I won’t vote for Biden in November but I submitted a blank ballot today in the NY primary


I question the overall wisdom of the effort if getting *my* attention was the point. Look, in 2-3 weeks, the NY Board of Elections will apparently be releasing numbers of blank ballots after the individual county boards have completed auditing. I guess then we'll see if this is really a thing or not


Well, that is a wonderful false dichotomy you've presented there. That really is art. Look, I agree with the goal here, which is getting Biden to change his Israel policy. I question the efficacy of the method. Why aren't NYer's protesting through the streets like BLM? It just seems so flaccid.


Speaking of false dichotomies why are you pretending the options are EITHER vote blank OR other stuff?

You do understand that there are -daily- massive pro Palestine marches in the streets of NYC, right? Like, right now.


"We feel so strongly about this that we're protesting in a non-disruptive method that we may or may not see any evidence of in a few weeks after dozens of county officials complete an auditing process and transmit their results to a state agency" The chant writes itself.


The tone of your initial response indicates that I am supposed to convince you to support genocide. That seems unlikely, and not something that I want to do anyway. I could try to tell you that even though Biden’s response to Gaza has been terrible, I am confident that trump would be far worse.

Ed Shoothowdy 🍉

I agree Trump is worse.

Biden is president now. He is still sending arms to Israel. If he listens to people like you and stops that, I will shut up on social media. If he sanctions Israel, I will consider voting for him. If he supports real reform for Palestinian autonomy, I may help him campaign.

Fair enough. With all due respect, I’d suggest that this response will be a lot more persuasive than calling Biden a genocide supporter. In fact, I’d suggest that you call (don’t email ) your senators and congress-person (only if they are democrats) with exactly this message.

Ed Shoothowdy 🍉

Your only power is your vote.

Biden can't say abortion, and we are about a third of women today can't access abortion in their state. IVF is getting banned. Trans people are being outlawed. LGBTQ+ is too.

Biden is president now. Get him to stop genociding and fight for us.

Oswego Willy

The election is more than POTUS, it’s Congress, both chambers, it’s state legislatures, some governors.

See, the thing is, when you don’t vote AT ALL, you also don’t vote for things like… state abortion advocates or opponents, social issue driven candidates, good or bad…

Voting matters.

Ed Shoothowdy 🍉

In this instance, voting against Biden over Trump is actually, ironically, damaging democracy for generations to come

Dictatorships born from elections have two births; hyper cultism or misunderstood apathy and anger

We’re at the point of the film where democracy is still a questionable ending

Ed Shoothowdy 🍉

Third party candidates in binary American elections destroy the process… as NO third party candidate can win, but a third party candidate ruins the opportunities to have a clear American voice at the polls.

Foolish votes are for 3rd party POTUS candidate.

In other words, they are playing you

Ed Shoothowdy 🍉

Then I’m confused how this election isn’t an easy binary decision to an overall continuation of our freedom and democracy when you also know 3rd party candidates never become POTUS and Trump is worse than Biden in all measures to our constitution

It’s not lecturing when you can’t see the actual

Ed Shoothowdy 🍉

Technically not a binary election, that’s why the Democratic Party is having fits over potential third parties.

It’s weird that Biden doesn’t share your concerns over the election. If this is an election that could determine democracy weird that he’s riding shotgun on genocide in an election year.

Oswego Willy

Which 3rd party candidate is over 50% of an electoral college win?

I know, what you want to be actually real versus the truth about binary choices is frustrating, but if it is a thing you want, ending our democracy to teach Biden a lesson, frivolous lessons will lead to Martial Law choices here


The right questions

why do you think everyone wanted it passed when the Dems base strongly opposes it?

why do you think bipartisan violent racism gets a free pass?

are you so incompetent that you don’t understand what “get out the vote” means?

Did scolding voters get Hillary elected?

Oswego Willy


why do you think everyone wanted it passed?

Right question, who sank it?

why do you think bipartisan violent racism…?

Why did Dems flip in 1965 after the Civil Rights Act passed?

you don’t understand what “get out the vote” means?

How is staying home with Trump better?



Mick Jones

The genocide has overwhelming popular support in Israel. This is not a Netanyahu thing.

Violent resistance to apartheid will only end when apartheid does. It doesn't matter whether or not you condemn it. It is both the moral thing to do and the only thing that will ever be effective.

A.T. Sayre

People demanding an end to genocide in Gaza were the main people demanding an end to support of the forced famine in Yemen and talking about the genocide in Ethiopia. This is not an inconsistent position, and this is the genocide we are most complicit in.

A.T. Sayre

Colonialism tends to be an act. I can guarantee you that not sending advanced fighter jets and 2000lb bombs to drop on Gaza is an inaction we can get behind.

A nothing is often better than a something which, as a person who love hypothetical arguments over actual ones, I’m sure you’ll agree with.

A.T. Sayre

Dems dropped the ball. There's still time for a massive pressure campaign to get a non-genocidal candidate on the ticket, but liberals don't feel compelled to reach out and actually win any votes.

Btw, It's fucking sick of you to tell us to put aside our morals for your political football game.

Oswego Willy

Explain the difference between YOU and Joseph Goebbels.

Explain how you are not doing propaganda for genocide and support your assertions with citations.

Oswego Willy

Trump already stated he would want dictator like powers for border issues so of course he’d stop there.

Conservatives now want to end the 2 terms by ignoring the constitution

I mean, I’ve explained how elected dictatorships work, it’s up to voters to prevent it. Biden is that wall, for better or…

Ed Shoothowdy 🍉

Friend, join us in 2024, and our election this November.

Biden will hammer Dobbs all summer and fall with the monetary advantage he enjoys.

It’s about states. Like Kansas voting for abortion rights, and Ohio, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court race.

Bud, pay attention, your answers are there.

Ed Shoothowdy 🍉

And Kentucky and, I think, South Carolina - at least in terms of rejecting amendments to the state constitution that would have banned abortion or established fetal personhood or something like that. No anti-abortion ballot measure has won anywhere since Dobbs.

Oswego Willy

Okay. That only happens if Biden wins re-election because we know Trump isn't signing that law. It also only happens by supporting Democrats in contested House races and a couple of critical Senate seats in tough states. So, fundraising and campaigning on the issue isn't performative, it's vital.

Educate! Agitate! Organize!

I'm not browbeating you. I didn't even ask you to vote for Biden. I honestly don't care if you do or don't. I simply stated the truth regarding what needs to happen for Roe to be codified nationwide in response to your accusation of performative politics. I don't think it's performative at all.

Educate! Agitate! Organize!

Biden is president now. Biden is aiding and abetting a holocaust now. Don't try to scare us into voting for Biden with the threat of Trump. We know how bad Trump can be, but we also see how bad Biden is NOW. It doesn't work to campaign as the lesser of two evils when you're supporting genocide.