glacier (storm/storms ice/ice) | Comms Open — Hey, I noticed that a lot of p...

Here's a bsky commission info post as well! Any and all shares are highly appreciated 🥺🫶

that void fella™ 🏳️‍⚧️ COMMS OPEN!

Thanks for this, I appreciate it. Currently been trying to help gf pay down her dental debt, I have commissions both open via my vgen:

also ko-fi, where of course I accept tips too:

Paeonygalaxy (@Paeonygalaxy)

Check out Paeonygalaxy's commissions and portfolio! | Artist. Pastel Galaxy. Merch maker. Perpetually tired. [She/they lvl 33]
I like pink and sparkles~ :>
iPad Pro + Clip Studio Paint EX
Feel free to...

glacier (storm/storms ice/ice) | Comms Open

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