Kragar — Every body panel is discolored...

we have a couple of mulberry trees on our property. by late july, birds are chowing down like mad & pooping non stop as they take flight. maybe mulberries don’t agree with them. my car is hit at least a 1/2 dzn times a day. can you imagine what mulberry filled bird poop would do to a musk “truck?”

Brian Smith

It's even worse. Any scratches in corrosion resistant materals are suspectible to crevice corrosion, and corrosion likes spreading deep and wide. Neglect 'fixing' the scratch and you are getting a (slowly) progressing problem.

Brian Smith

Damn, the more we (rightfuly) criticise these crappy cars the more 'concerning' they get.

It's one of those moments where I remind myself this unstable junk is literally on roads, threathening lives.

Brian Smith

I have spoken to people in the Austin Tesla repair shop.
EVERY one goes from the factory to the shop to repair defects before it ever gets to the customer.

They're SHITTY! ...but it's delaying production and delivery.

Hopefully they do begin to fall apart and get recalled for good before long.

It's what a tech bro thinks they need for the end of the world.

It will be funny, watching them try to offer people NFTs to help them get out of their rusting "trucks" after society and the grid collapses.

Yeah, I'm the porch kids in the 'Burbs during the apocalypse. Watching and laughing.


Oh, it's... all true

Outstanding work

On the bright side, I have a new appreciation for my (real) car's clear coat.

I'm also super looking forward to pictures of these things after a couple summers & winters, they'll be as attractive & structurally sound as the underside of a 60 year old bridge

Suzanna Crage

It has no clear coat.
The morning dew causes corrosion.
If anything gets on it, it needs to be cleaned immediately or it will discolor.
You can't use the wrong soap or it will discolor.
A car wash is not recommended.
If it hears you making fun of it, it cries and gets discolored.


Is this photo real? There's a mark that looks like scrambled text by the wheel well and what appears to be a Hot Wheels card back top reflected in the road. I'm not doubting the car itself could look like that, but there's weirdness here that's confusing.


the barbershop in the image is at least real, it's in camarillo and you can find pictures of that same store from that angle by searching it's name alongside that city; if this is fake, then someone must have deliberately shopped in that hot wheels card and those details on the truck itself


Yeah, I don't know why someone would fake this. It just looked like AI "text" in a spot where there's nothing in pretty much every photo I've seen of them. I thought the Hot Wheels bit might be similar scrambled text but it's the actual proper logo, just backwards. *shrug* Hypervigilance I guess.

polyhymnia ☭♃♄

i get what youre saying, tbh the text on the wheel well u mentioned gave me that vibe too, & the hot wheels thing seems like something that could be hallucinated by an LLM. looking at the former most closely again, i think it might be just dirt that splattered in a funny way. or maybe more rust lmao


The car seems so absurd--aesthetically, practically--that it reminds me of Saudi Arabia's various hare-brained city-building projects spun from the king's brain, each a bigger scheme than the last. Only one in several attempts was actually completed, with a final population of 0.5% of intended.


There is no way anyone can love a cybertruck. It's just not possible. If anyone tells you they love this thing or if you see anyone driving one, they are just seeking attention.

I am sorry, but there is nothing to love about this anti-rust box on wheels.


FWIW they never really explained why the Partridge Family bus was painted in the style of Piet Mondrian.

There Is An Artist Behind The Iconic ‘Partridge Family’ Bus

By Ken Zurski Painter Piet Mondrian, born in 1872,  was an important leader in the development of modern abstract art and a major exponent of the Dutch abstract art movement known as De Stijl (“The St...

David Waldman

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