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I think it's Germany doing net-metering for solar and their electricity is much more expensive, so it's a huge subsidy. We owe Germany a lot for the modern solar industry.


It’s pretty damn impressive that the US is keeping up with EU, really seemed like Republicans we’re gonna succeed in making sure that didn’t happen here. And the EU seemed much more enthusiastic

Jeremy Wallace

Right- capitalism does still seem to win no matter what in this country. Maybe why we spend so much time on culture wars that aren’t tied to capitalism. They used to hate gambling too, but that’s changed now that it’s so profitable.

B. Kirisaki

I would argue that gambling has changed so much that the states have sanctioned gambling. The California lottery funds the education system!

Oregon has no sales tax, supposedly because it makes plenty of tax revenue through gambling.


I think the reality we have now, specifically with sports betting, is gonna lead to an explosion of gambling addiction and financial destruction for a lot of people. I don’t think it should be illegal, I think the advertising should be heavily restricted.

B. Kirisaki

no, oregon has income tax instead. gambling does not represent a major portion of education funding in oregon, and last I checked, in any state at all. most lottery money is not earmarked for that, and talk about a perverse incentive- you don't habitually play the lottery if you're well educated

B. Kirisaki

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