That One Girl — Aw, my mom just offered to sit...

Aw, my mom just offered to sit with me at the hospital while my husband has surgery on Friday.

How do I nicely tell her that is the absolute last thing that I want? 🫢
I am planning on getting a lot of writing work done. When was the last time I had five hours in a row to myself?!

Thanks! Hubby - also named Andrew - is having his bicep tendon detached, the bad part trimmed off, and then reattached by drilling through the bone, and something else with his nerves - he tells me fuck-all. I just know he is going to be THE WORST patient. But he needs it done.


It does. But it's his dominant hand and he currently is only able to work for about an hour at a time because of the pain. I wish I had more time off work to take care of him, though (read: keep him from doing shit he's not supposed to like do laundry or DRIVE)


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