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For some groups yes. But not exclusively a religious inclination in my opinion.

Exploitation of woman is widespread both historically and in todays sex trade and modeling industry.

Of course it’s all a complex mix of interest but it’s big business and jerks like Trump are big fish in it.


Sure. Fundamentalists I would think?

I can assure you there are christians very far from that. I go to a danish baptist church were woman are equally respected as men. And hence have important positions.

Also homosexuals are invited to come - written openly outside the church.


Religion like most other ideologies is a tool for gaining power, or at least somewhere in the lifespan becomes a tool for power. People who becomes member of such a society becomes the non-verbal confirmation for the leadership to abuse, if they want. And usually humans want to abuse power.

Tordenskjold 🇺🇦🇩🇰

For me personally it’s not really and ideology. It’s an ethic on how you should try to be towards other people. An almost impossible endeavor to improve yourself.

Also it’s a naive believe in a being, God, that loves us. Not only “us” but all human beings and even gives us the freedom to be bad.


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